Beth Goldstein, LCSW

Beth_GoldsteinBeth Goldstein, LCSW is a psychotherapist, healer, and teacher of 25 years. She is a certified Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis. In addition to a successful private practice working with individuals, couples, and groups, Beth teaches workshops and seminars on topics such as personal growth and empowerment, stress management, and goal achievement.

Beth began her training in Shamanism in 1990 and has followed the path to bring these gifts into her life and her work. As Coach, Healer, and Therapist, Beth blends western psychology, Hypnosis, NLP, mind-body techniques, and shamanic healing in a holistic approach focused on personal empowerment. Beth helps her clients coordinate mind, body, and spirit to actively tap into their inner wisdom for creating healthier and more meaningful lives.

John English

John_EnglishJohn English is an award-winning author, alternative healer and teacher of Ancient Wisdom. He is an entrepreneur who has successfully started three companies. John began the spiritual path by first recognizing the human capacity to dream one’s life into being. This led him to the study of shamanism, energy medicine and Toltec wisdom where he has studied with several teachers.

John has taught and written about a variety of subjects including meditation, energy healing, shamanism, Toltec wisdom, and the medicine wheel. In his private healing practice, and in all of his courses, John guides people into using the innate wisdom and power of their own higher self.

Their Story

Beth_John_MachuBeth Goldstein and John English met in September of 2010 and quickly discovered they had much in common, including their passion for helping people live happy and productive lives.

Long conversations ensued regarding combining their experiences, training, and work to help even more people. Both John and Beth felt strongly that their work had to be about empowering the individual and helping each person connect with their inner wisdom, their Higher Self, their own Sage.

Beth and John spent decades working with meditation, visioning, and the ancient wisdom teachings from several traditions. Drawing upon all these practices, they developed the ability to quickly shift their state as well as instantly connect to the safety and passion of their higher self. Both intuited that there must be an easier way to do this and to make it accessible to everyone.

Then something very special happened. Beth and John developed a powerful combination of Toltec teachings on the assemblage point and Neuo-Linguistic Programming (NLP). With the above combination, they employed guided imagery to not only access, but anchor, the Higher Self for action, and the Sage Stance technique was created! The Sage Stance allows you to easily and instantly access, in any moment, the wisdom and power of your higher self, your Sage.

“It was our passion for ancient wisdom and longing to make it’s power simple and accessible to everyone, that gave birth to The Sage Stance. We are exited to have the opportunity to present this technique to you, because we know that, as you use it, it will improve your life and the lives of everyone you touch immeasurably.”—Beth and John

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